Online Hard Disk Access 24/7 From Any Part of The World

Imagine you had an important meeting or you were suppose to give a very important presentation and you forgot to carry your hard drive/USB drive along with you. Wish you could access your files without carrying a laptop or an external hard drive or a Pen Drive!!
An online hard disk which can be accessed from any part of the world. Yes what you just read is true and its not expensive.

Well we live in 2012 and anything and everything is possible.

All you need is a domain name and a hosting service.
You do not have to be the “Tech Guy” to have one of this. You can have a online hard drive in very few steps at very affordable rates.

1.  Visit
2.  Purchase a domain name “.com” “.co” “.me” “.ws” or any other. Add it to your cart.
3. Click on the HOSTING button. Here you can choose the space you want to rent and the price as well. Add it to your cart.

After you have purchased a domain name and a hosting account login to your account.

4. Please read Hosting setup instructions  for step by step instructions on setting it up. (or call our 24/7 Support 480-624-2500)
5. Once it is setup it may take upto 24 Hours for you to start using it.

Now once everything is setup you now have an “ONLINE HARD DRIVE”.
In Windows 7/Vista/XP : Open My Computer and type in your domain name with “ftp” instead of “www”
eg. in the address area.

A window will pop up asking for your username and password.

Enter the data and there you go you have your hard drive which you can access 24/7 from any part of the world.
You can use it just like a drive. Create folders copy and paste files and folders from your computer to your online drive.

You can also use other FTP Software’s.
FileZilla is an Open Source (GNU/GPL) FTP client for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. Its free of cost to download.


“.CO” Domains

The new thing in the domains world.  “.CO” is administered by .CO Internet S.A.S.   It is widely used by companies, organisations and individuals as well to better serve their brands and get recognized globally.

As “.COM” is the most famous domain name it is very hard to find the perfect “.COM” domain you need. Most of them have already been taken by others and to buy it sometimes you have to shed a lot of money as to buy it from other who own it. Do not waste more time visit now and get your very own “.CO” domain name before it is acquired by someone else.

Most of the major companies have already acquired their “.CO” domain, Google “”; Twitter “” and more.

“.CO” is global just like “.COM”    <<Get one for you today>>


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Are you online?

Do you run a business of your own?? Do you have a website yet??
If “NO” you need to get one soon or maybe “NOW”. You may be lacking behind from a lot of customers as in today’s world the soo called the NEW ERA everyone is online. Being online attracts a lot of customers. On your website you can have what services you provide, your contact details or even answer simple question and people can leave good comments about your service. Having your own website can help you increase your customer base.

Let’s say for an example you are a Veterinary and around you there are a lot more others. But as most of us today are online to make life easier you have your own website eg. “” or “” etc etc.. The name of you website so called the domain can be your business name or any thing or something else, but keep it short. A short web address is easy to remember and it stick into peoples brains.

The most common and widely used are “.com” “.in” “.net” “.org”

Thinking of buying a website address today, its not so expensive its costs very less in today’s world. Visit for the best competitive prices in today’s market. is well known for 99.9% up time and 24/7 support.



You might have heard this word Hosting or Web Hosting services. It is widely used as most of us have a small blog or a small website. Huge companies either rent hosting services or have their own servers for hosting it depends totally on the traffic on the particular website. Having your own server for hosting purpose can get very expensive. Here at Tiger Domainz we have the best rates available in the market.

What is Web Hosting?

– In simple words its a computer having data stored and which is connected to the internet “WWW World” 24/7. For eg. You bought a domain and you have created a website and now you need visitors or your customers to see/visit your website. You have your data stored (website files) on your computer or maybe the developers computer how will others view it?? That is when hosting comes into the picture. You can make your computer into a hosting account but it will cost more money than renting a hosting account.

Most of the web hosting companies charge your according to the SPACE & BANDWIDTH the two important factors. You can also choose what kind of a server you would like to rent a LINUX based server or a WINDOWS based server. Visit and under the web hosting section there will be more details listed. We have the most reliable and 99.9% uptime servers used to serve you better. We have 24/7 Phone support as well as email support.

Our Hosting plans include FTP ACCESS; Extensive Language Support like Python, Perl, PHP, ASP & more; Databases: Ms Access, MS SQL, MySQL and more and ADD On applications like

Google Webmaster Tools, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zen Cart, Simple Machines Forum and more. Visit Tiger Domainz today to unlock your world of WEBHOSTING.